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Christmas Mittens! Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 09:33 am
It's a Christmas miracle!! I finished a mitten last night. YAY. And there was much rejoicing. I must admit that I shall be SO GLAD when the Christmas/Twelfth Night knitting and crafting will be done so that I can get back to other knitting -- mainly baby clothes! At least four women I know are pregnant and I'd like to make them all something for the wee one.

However, more importantly, one mitten is DONE. I think I will be able to get the second mitten done in time for Christmas too -- doing a mitten in stockinette is SOOOO much faster than doing it in seed stitch and with a cable. *whistles innocently*

YEAH, you'd think I'd know that by now. :)

Even if I don't get the second mitten done in time (tho, I am pretty sure I will at this rate), I can at least wrap up the one mitten and tell him to try it on and see if it fits.
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