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I hate all my yarn. Dec. 19th, 2006 @ 04:29 pm
Okay, that's not quite true but I was going through my stash and going, "WHY did I buy this?? WHY?" -- well, actually, I know why I bought it. Heck, I remember each and every purchase I made and why I made it. Unfortunately, each ball of yarn that I have is essentially a project that did not work out. Oooh, Trellis Ribbon yarn will make a great scarf, right??

No. No it won't. Or at least, it won't on my needles.

I have a bunch of yarn that's gross, disgusting, just bits of some color, acryllic stuff that I won't knit anymore, 1/2 a skein of sock yarn, etc. I look at all of this and I go, "ARGH what was I thinking?!?" However, the minute I think about destashing in some form or another, my brain starts to seize up, "What? Get rid of my yarn?!? Never!! It's mine! It could be useful someday!!"

Which, of course, is not a particularly healthy way to think about yarn. Especially since I'll have to be lugging it across country with me. Especially since some of it is Fun Fur. What's wrong with me that I can't part with FUN FUR?!?!

You know, the whole "It could be useful someday!" thing -- that's never happened. I've never once looked at a pattern and gone, "Oooh, I have the perfect yarn for that." Oooh no. No no no no no. Not once. Every time I decide to try a new pattern, I wander through my stash, get somewhat disgruntled (especially at the Fun Fur) and then make a mad-dash to the yarn store.

The only thing that helps me through this is the knowledge is that pretty much every knitter I know is just like me. :) It's an addiction, you know. Mmmm, sweet sweet addiction. Sweet yarn, how I love you so. Just not my yarn. I don't want my yarn. Oooh no. I want the yarn that's not yet my yarn.

I'm so fickle. :)
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