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Ah, crafty goodness! How I have missed you!! Jan. 10th, 2007 @ 02:24 pm
As a good chunk of you know, I'll be moving soon. Almost ALL of my knitting/craft/beading time has been taken up with packing and cleaning the house which has made me entirely grumpy. However, thankfully, most of it is done! So, back to crafty goodness!!

I spent the holidays doing *some* stuff tho. I suddenly got the urge to bead. :) Don't ask me why I decided I needed yet another crafty thing to do but apparently I did. I made my mom a *bunch* of necklaces (using a bunch of different beading techniques) for Christmas, I made Jenn beaded magnetic bracelet and Lake got this cute white and pink bead necklace. I love beading. It's quick, it's creative and you can get as elaborate or as simple as you want -- and it still looks beautiful. It's also not terribly expensive either. :)

Let's see -- what else. For 12th Night presents, I also knit Ann a Mason-Dixon wash cloth. (Those are just terribly fun to make) and I knit Liam a black k2p2 scarf out of Encore Chunky. Two balls turned into a scarf that was almost 7 feet long -- which was great since I think he's 6'6". :)

I'm now working on another embroidered escarbuncle. This one's for a gift tho. Details and photos later. I think it's a bit lumpy but it's a gift and the recipient will hopefully enjoy it.

Once that's done, tho, I am itching to get back to knitting. Here's the current plans:

  • Finish the Trellis baby sweater for a friend of mine. That project has languaged for months and I need to get back and finish it ASAP since I think the wee one's due date is right around the corner.

  • Knit my soon-to-be niece or nephew something. Marca (the pregnant sister) let me know she was pregnant by getting me the cutest baby knitting book, and I *have* to knit something very cool out of that book. Definitely the teddy bear and probably the elf hat. :)

  • Some more baby items! Two more friends of mine are due any day now and I need to get on the ball!!!

  • Knit Marca her shawl. I have the yarn for this -- now I just need to find the time.

  • Finish those multicolored socks. Those may end up being a present for a friend. :)

  • Work on knitted gifts for the people on my friendslist who donated to Doctors Without Borders. I have a bunch of ideas. :) I'd really like to do Magknits Party Lace Scarf. :) I'm also leaning towards making Knucks too -- but I am not sure for whom. Basically, if any pattern reaches up and grabs me in the near future, I'm going to make it for the Doctors Without Borders crew. :)

  • Socks! SOOOOOOOOCKS! I so want to make socks!! My mom got me Colinette Jitterbug for Christmas and it's begging to be turned into socks! Sooooocks!!! It's calls to me, every time I look at it. :)

  • I also promised 5 people Art of some sort a few months back. I may decide to do some more beading (like I need an excuse) or I may knit up these really cute knitted sachets that I saw in Interweave Holiday knits. They are very cute and looked like they'd knit up fast.

    You know, I've got a lot to do -- and I'm really looking forward to it. :)
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