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Yeah I know, bad blogger. :) May. 21st, 2007 @ 06:38 am
SO, I have been knitting. Doing lots and lots and lots of knitting. :)

You'll forgive me for not posting because it was secret knitting. Muahaha. I flew home this weekend to my sister's baby shower and she did not know I was coming. Needless to say, that was a surprise. :) The new baby got the bunny hat, the booties, and the bear, which you all have seen. What you haven't seen is the sweaters.

First up, yet another Trellis. :)

Perfectionist weenie that I am, I'm not 100 percent happy with the button placement. :) Marca still squealed when I gave it to her tho. :)

Up next, the Kimono sweater:

I was seriously unhappy with this sweater; however, I've been informed that I am way too picky. Basically, I did not think the pattern had you pick up enough stitches around the neck and I think it looked "holey." It could be that the original pattern calls for wool and I used a mostly cotton blend.

Whew!! Nothing quite like a deadline to get you moving with your knitting!! As of now, tho, I am back to knitting some socks for me with the new Blue Moon Yarn, walking on the Wild Tide. :) You know, when I originally got this yarn, I was Now, tho, I love it. :) I'm trying to make a modified pair of Jaywalkers on them, modified since I'm using size 2 needles. :) Yummy stuff.
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