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Quick update!! Nov. 4th, 2010 @ 11:17 am
First -- I have heard absolutely zero from Cooks Source -- however, HELLO INTERNET!! NICE TO SEE YOU!! Welcome to my blog!!

@neilhimself retweeted this story: !!! -- My nerd life is complete.

(tho it will be more complete is @wilw would comment too... :)

This is now on the front page of reddit: -- HELLO REDDITORS! Nice to see you!!!

And apparently the internet as a whole has decided to take up my case on the Facebook webpage of Cooks Source has informed me that (as of 11:15AM EDT) that there's been 1,300+ trackbacks to my article.

John Scalzi has posted and tweeted:

If it gets posted elsewhere, please feel free to repost it here.

And, first and foremost, I am utterly grateful and thankful for all the lovely and wonderful comments I have gotten so far. Internet -- you rule. Thank you so much.
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