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Copyright Infringement and Me - Illadore's House o Crack — LiveJournal

About Copyright Infringement and Me

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Date:November 4th, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC)

Shut them down

You probably can't get monetary damage in this case but unless the original website has an extremely liberal republication license you CAN force them to immediate cease and desist all further publication. Destroy all unsold back issues, or at least rip out the pages. Take the story down from the website. Prove it at their expense. They didn't just rip off your story, they edited it and then published it as your work. Maybe you disagreed with the edits - you don't know since they never gave you a chance to approve them. And they can't just have somebody else put their name on it since it's a derived work of yours and emphatically not in the public domain.

If nothing else you can make sure that the idiot has a long talk with the company's lawyers and doesn't pull this crap in the future. Under the Bern convention EVERYTHING creative (which is extremely broad) is "born coryrighted" the instant it is put down in tangible form -- which means the instant you hit the 'save' button in your editor, much less publish it on the web. It's damn hard to put something into the public domain - you have to do it explicitly and some lawyers - LAWYERS - aren't even sure it can be done anymore. She's either grossly uninformed or is used to making empty threats against the people she's ripping off and needs to be stopped in either case.
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