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Copyright Infringement and Me


Previous Entry Copyright Infringement and Me Nov. 3rd, 2010 @ 11:14 pm Next Entry
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Date:November 4th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
But honestly Monica, the web is considered "public domain" and you should be happy we just didn't "lift" your whole article and put someone else's name on it!

IS SHE AN ACTUAL PERSON?! Nevermind the astounding unprofessionalism of the rest of the email.

I wonder if she got fired from all those previous jobs.

I would suggest contacting some of the writer's unions--the National Writer's Union might be a good possibility:


SPJ might be another one:


Even if you are not a professional journalist, attitudes like that out there by real editors, even of small crap publications, are something journalists have serious reason to be concerned about?

Small claims court is another possibility if you really want to pursue it as a matter of principle. If so, I'd included a claim for your travel expenses if you have to sue in her location. I can't imagine any judge not deciding in your favor.

But it looks like the media/internet may have taken care of things already, at least morally.
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