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Copyright Infringement and Me


Previous Entry Copyright Infringement and Me Nov. 3rd, 2010 @ 11:14 pm Next Entry
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Date:November 5th, 2010 02:04 pm (UTC)

Re: O come on now...

You have got to be kidding me.

There's nothing even remotely conceited about expecting to be paid for your work. Or expecting for people to ask before they go running off with your toys.

There's a certain culture of thieves online that thinks anything on the Internet is free for the taking, but reality doesn't work that way. Ms. Griggs is about to be well schooled in that reality, and it sounds to me like you could use a little of that schooling yourself. More than a little, actually.

Tell me, are you the kind of asshat who'd also say to a woman "well, you shouldn't have worn that dress?"
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