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What a long, strange ride this has been

What a long, strange ride this has been. (I have tried to write this three or four times. Writing this as a summary is a bit difficult.)
First, the update:

I have, in fact, confirmed with the Columbia School of Journalism that money was donated in my name by Cooks Source. I have also seen the webpage with the apology. While it is not perhaps the most contrite apology I have seen, it will do and all of my requests regarding the copyright infringement of my article have been met. So, unless something unexpected happens, I would say this is all resolved, at least to my satisfaction.

Now, onto the rest:

Wow. Just. Wow. Thank you. Not only did "The Internets" take up my cause, but, many people donated to CSJ and to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Thank you for doing good and being mighty.

This whole thing has also been a bit of an education -- I have learned a great deal about copyright, or at least, how it relates to my work that is posted online. Copyrighting and defending your work, for the amateur (as the financial hardship to try to copyright and defend your work is large) is difficult to say the least -- and that does not seem right. Not sure what else to say there -- but -- I am sure more eloquent people than myself have something to say. :) I had some amazing help (thank you, Akiva) but I received such help because of what you all did -- getting the word out.

Second -- being a part of the public eye and being a part of the news cycle, becoming "internet famous," has been somewhat overwhelming. Somewhat. When I was visiting friends this past week or so, I would hand over my iPhone and tell them not to let me have it. :) (They obliged. :) I am very glad to be able to going back to being Just Monica or Just Illadore. (However, I don't think I will ever be able to Google my name again without it being linked to this story. :)

One last thing -- crowdsourcing is amazing (but I have mentioned that already :) -- and so is investigative journalism. Kudos to Ed Champion ( for working up this story and doing fact checking and really digging at what was going on. (Much love to other reporters I spoke with this week too, btw. :)

So, thank you all, again, for being interested, caring, and generally making me laugh. The song, the parody, the Downfall video, the haikus, the poetry, all of it -- thank you very much.

And on that note -- I'm out. :)
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No, no, Monica, Thank YOU. You took the moral high ground that Judith Griggs should have taken. You were simple in your demands. You are a paragon of civility where Judith Griggs continues to be a delusional simpleton who will soon see her world crumble upon itself.

As a former book editor and also as someone trying to have fun writing vegan recipes, Judith Griggs and Cooks Source sicken me. I am glad that the flash mob has come to support former Cooks Source advertisers like 2nd Street Bakery.

While Judith Griggs begins to understand just how far she's screwed herself, please know that you have a lot more buddies as a result of this whole sordid affair.

Thank you again, my dear.
What do you mean, "will soon see her world crumble"? I'm pretty certain it has been crumbling around Judith Griggs since this thing went viral.
Well in the context of this penny ante magazine, yes, you are correct. Her world has been crumbling around her since it went viral. But that's just the beginning. Once intellectual property lawyers come knocking on her door, she's good and truly JWF'ed.
You should really go into writing or consulting Monica. Your original article is VERY well written and your handling of Cooks Source has been fantastic. Capitalize on your fame and success.
You're most welcome for the Downfall video. Making it gave me something to do during an intense period of writer's block and it was a statement I wanted to make. I've never (that I know of) been plagiarised or violated in this way by a print publication, but I have had entire sections of website lifted and republished verbatim on other wbsites. It's quite maddening. I remember complaining about these actions and the best I could get out of the website owners was a small note at the bottom of the stolen sections explaining that the section "originally came from" my website.

I laughed about the bit about having to hand your Iphone over into protective custody. Although my video's fame lasted a total of about three days and it garnered only about 20,000 hits in that time, during the spurt it was quite amusing to read all the comments, google things like "Cooks source downfall" and see people saying things on their blogs and so forth. I could barely drag myself away from it for 48 hours. lol.

I think if this incident has taught us all anything it's that sometimes, just sometimes, the good guys win.
Well said, sir. And it is a friggin' hilarious video.
Monica, your story touch a nerve that much we know, Not only was what Cooks Source did wrong but it also educated a lot of us. Your story made it to the press and gave me something to follow and blog about my self
But even a friend of mine Cyndi Allison used the story as a teaching tool in her College Social Media class, you can read her recap in this article, I know you have seen that already monica,as you had tweeted and Rt'd the link before.

Enjoy your fame from this and I am so happy that in the end your requests were met and lets hope that this will discourage any content theft by others in the future.

Wilfred Reinke
You do realize that years from now, when someone is writing your obituary, this will be one of the first things mentioned, don't you?


November 15 2010, 23:28:43 UTC 9 years ago

Congrats on seeing this through!

You did the right thing by taking the high road. Good luck to you and thanks for the update. It's over, now folks can move on, self included ;)

See the site

A few quotes...

"I was stupid to even answer her that night, her email to me was antagonistic and just plain rude and I was exhausted. But I got suckered in and responded. She doesnt say that she was rude, she doesnt say that I agreed (and did) to pay her."


"To one writer in particular, Monica Gaudio, I wish you had given me a chance."

This makes me mad....

Oh! This is....

I did give her a chance. I contacted her 5 times! Twice by phone, three times by email! Every answer she gave me was unpleasant.
The whole world believes you. Griggs' attitude is proof she does not feel she was wrong and that she still sees you as a petty annoyance she'd like to crush.

Her attitude about all of life is scary. "Everything revolves around me except the things that ought to do so."

Funny, if she had dealt with you, Martha Stewart and Disney would not be planning to take her apart right now. $130 and a real apology would have saved her career of stealing from the internets and she'd still be free to make a living of off other people.

I wish she wasn't still blasting you.
That post on the site was short lived. Maybe her host took it down before someone attacked the server, I'm just guessing. The whole post - complete with my comments - is preserved here. No copyright either since according to the (presumed) author it is in the public domain.
Hi Monica! I've been following your story for a couple of weeks now, and now I'm a huge fan of yours. At first the donation to CSJ struck me as odd, but actually, as a graduate student myself I have to say that grad programs across the country are really suffering during these hard economic times. I'm not in a journalism program, but thanks all the same. And good luck to you!
Thank you!!! ;)