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November 14th, 2010 - 01:24 pm
You're most welcome for the Downfall video. Making it gave me something to do during an intense period of writer's block and it was a statement I wanted to make. I've never (that I know of) been plagiarised or violated in this way by a print publication, but I have had entire sections of website lifted and republished verbatim on other wbsites. It's quite maddening. I remember complaining about these actions and the best I could get out of the website owners was a small note at the bottom of the stolen sections explaining that the section "originally came from" my website.

I laughed about the bit about having to hand your Iphone over into protective custody. Although my video's fame lasted a total of about three days and it garnered only about 20,000 hits in that time, during the spurt it was quite amusing to read all the comments, google things like "Cooks source downfall" and see people saying things on their blogs and so forth. I could barely drag myself away from it for 48 hours. lol.

I think if this incident has taught us all anything it's that sometimes, just sometimes, the good guys win.
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