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Okay -- I thought I was done.

Johnny pointed out to me today the newest update from Cooks Source and from what I've read, I am portrayed as a big meanie. I should, 100x really... just ignore it and move on with my life as arguing with people over the internet -- lame -- and yet I can not seem to help myself.

For the record, I will happily post all the email exchanges between myself and Ms. Griggs if Ms. Griggs gives me permission.

I contacted Cooks Source five times: by voicemail October 28th, by email October 28th, by email again October 28th, by email November 2nd and by voicemail November 2nd. I believe that was giving Ms. Griggs a chance.

Not once did Cooks Source offer to pay me in any of those email exchanges -- or donate to CSJ. The apology Cooks Source gave me in an email was "If you want an apology, So Sorry, Monica!" -- I took that as sarcasm. As for my emails being rude -- I was demanding that "this" be fixed. I had one line of my own email that was borderline - "I am somewhat confused that I have to explain copyright to a magazine editor."

I do not think of myself as a big meanie in all of this -- I think of myself as a woman as mad as hell for having her work stolen and then being talked down to like I was a child. As I said, again, it was the principle of the thing -- my work was republished without my permission, my copyright was violated and I stuck up for myself.

Lessons learned:

Pay the writer.
Be nice to people.
Be mighty.

AND on this, I hope, really really really, -- I'm out.
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Dear Ms. Gaudio,

Thank you. Thank you for standing up for your work, and being polite about it. Thank you for not asking for the world in payment, and for supporting a good organization with your (minimal) request. Thank you for not trying to exploit this for your own profit, but instead keeping the dialogue reasonable. And, while I'm at it, thanks for a really interesting look at the history of Apple Pie!

I don't have a lot to offer, but I've donated $50.00 to the Columbia School of Journalism's Alumni Annual Fund for Scholarships in your name.

Sarah Duggan
Calgary, Alberta
Aww! Thank you!! :)


November 17 2010, 17:26:12 UTC 9 years ago

If Griggs wanted to, she could simply post the emails she sent, but no, she just mentions that you didn't post them in full. To make it look like you're the one hiding something, when in fact, she is capable of unhiding those emails herself.

It's so strange that every time Griggs tries to offer and apology, she bookends it with so much nonsense that just makes her look bad.

What a sad little person Griggs is, she simply cannot JUST apologise, she cannot resist trying to deflect the blame.
Up until her recent post, I was starting to feel just a teeny tiny bit sorry for Judith Griggs and Cooks Source magazine. But no longer. Judith Griggs is astonishingly clueless about how clueless she is. After all of this she STILL doesn't have even the most basic understanding of copyright law (e.g., "Bleary-eyed I didnt notice it was copy written and reordered some of it." WhaHuh?!? You don't have to "notice" that something is subject to copyright. That's not the way it works.) It's clear she hasn't taken any time amidst all the uproar to sit, think, and really understand what she's done wrong. Instead, she she's acting like a child and just blaming others and tries to "spin" her way out of her own mistakes.
and I was hoping this was all over now. This wasn't really an apology, just a slanted view of how she hasn't been competent to do her job... for years. Now she will drag her mantle of victimhood off to her next job. I wonder if she can stay around the subject of food in her next job incarnation? No matter. Save the email trail, it may be useful someday.
She's failing to realize that the whole mess is not what you said, or what the big meanies on the internet did, but 100% entirely how she handled it.

If she had made a professional forthright apology, "I'm sorry, it will never happen again, how can we rectify this?" and then STOPPED. Stopped right there - no more posting, no trying to justify, no excuses, no blaming others, no more... then I truly think this would have blown over.

the circus that resulted was not you - it was her response. She fails to get that, every time.
And what's worse is that there are some idiots (TechCrunch, I'm looking at you, ya jabronies) who imply that yes Judith Griggs may have, well, GRIGGSed herself, but a degree of empathy is warranted for someone in her position.

Nope. Not one bit. Not one shred of sympathy, empathy, or help until she pays for her copyright violations and is genuinely sorry for what she's done. At that point it would be incumbent upon us as decent people to help her if we can.
"Bleary-eyed I didnt notice it was copy written and reordered some of it" -- there's her problem right there. This "professional editor" has no idea what 'copyright' IS.

Bravo, Monica!
I've been following this on TechDirt. All I can say is good for you and I hope the Ms. Griggs of the world however unlikely learn something from this.
User jill9814 referenced to your post from Cooks Source 'Apology' Really A Rant Blaming The Woman It Copied For Daring To Tell People saying: [...] when she didn't give Monica much of a chance. Monica, for her part, has done one final response [...]
I, too, read Judith's explanations of why she failed to seek your permission before completing her publication. I could not help but check out the spreadsheet on Google that is keeping track of all other examples of copyright theft.

So, Judith, what's your excuse for the five other articles in the October 2010 issue that were swiped, the 25 in August 2010 issue, the 30 in the July 2010 issue, 14 in June, seven in May, 16 in April, three in March, seven in February, 20 in January, six December 2009 and 11 in November 2009? Let's not forget two in the Fall 2010 issue, and 12 in the Pumpkin's Fest issue.

I've always been told that email is not private, anymore than snail-mail letters are. As the recipient, you have the prerogative to publish what was transmitted to you, even as you have the right to publish what you yourself have written. It may help to settle the questions that are being raised by Judith's latest allegations if you were to publicize all the emails sent and received.

Best wishes:)
Dear Monica,

I have been following this story closely, like many other people. You handled yourself with admirable grace. As a freelance writer and editor, I am appalled at the behavior exhibited by Judith Griggs -- appalled, flabbergasted and truly pissed off. You weren't mean, you were actually a lot more civil than most people. When someone breaks into your home, steals your jewelry, and then you see them on the street wearing it, are you polite about it? I know I wouldn't be polite.

It is sad. She's right about that, but about nothing else. Like another poster said, she's made her bed, now she has to lie in it. You are not at fault here. You did the right thing, and I, for one, am grateful to you for doing the right thing and taking a stand.

You can see my true feelings here:

The drama will eventually blow over, but hopefully the core lesson will not. DO NOT STEAL MY SHIT. I WILL TELL THE INTERWEBZ AND YOU WILL BE SORRY.

"That woman" makes my teeth ache. Boo hoo, good-bye, sniff sniff.
You are so much nicer about the whole thing than a lot of people would have been. you got sarcasm and jerkiness in return. Don't worry about it, I hope you get good gigs with magazines that PAY their writers.

Of course she's only going to attack Monica , one of the wronged parties with no money to litigate against her.

She is too chicken shit to say anything against any of the others she's stolen from who have lawyers and money. As dumb as she is (and she's pretty damn dumb from all the written proof she's put out there) I assume she is not so irretrievably stupid that she'd give the verbal finger to those huge corporations and thereby guarantee that they'd hang her out to dry just to make an example of this upstart snot.

Is it any wonder she did her copy and paste magazine, there is NO WAY anyone would have given money to that one based on her writing skills. Hell, one of my pets stamping on my keyboard could do better and be much less rude.

Deleted comment


And I did post my side of things.
Not sure if anyone saw this today, but when I refreshed the cooks source website today I was bumped to the main intuit small business website. The site is down, and so is the attack apology. I am not sure if that means she is gone or if they pulled the site.

Hang in there Illadore


Have you thought about writing a book about this whole thing? I don't mean as a bash griggs deal, but more of a "becoming a meme" and "Power of the internet" type look. It's an amazing look into a not well documented viral internet phenomenon. I mean, aside from the AMAZING story you have to tell about this women who doubtlessly has some deep issues of her own, you did one simply little post and the world knew your story. People all over the world cared, and followed through in various ways I'm sure you didn't think about when your first post went up. While I have been following the story because it's been a VERY (dang it - am I using the caps lock too much again?) helpful tool in teaching my boys about why they need a bibliography on term papers, it's also been a GREAT (yeah, caps lock again, maybe I should get that checked out soon) tool to show them how not deal with a situation.

I would think about it Monica. You have huge resource in the facebook pages of other copyrighted works she stole, and an online time line you could refer to. Or find somebody you trust to write it for you... It would be an amazing read =)

And btw - not that you were looking to be a role model, but my oldest son (11) said he would have been much angrier than you. It was great to show him the power of being polite but firm in a real world situation. You did a GREAT (okay - do you know any caps lock addict doctors?) job!
Hmmmmm. I will have to seriously think about this. ;) thank you!

As for your 11 year old, tell him I said hello and that I was mad but I tried my best not to let it get to me.

Thank you!!
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