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Okay -- I thought I was done.

Johnny pointed out to me today the newest update from Cooks Source and from what I've read, I am portrayed as a big meanie. I should, 100x really... just ignore it and move on with my life as arguing with people over the internet -- lame -- and yet I can not seem to help myself.

For the record, I will happily post all the email exchanges between myself and Ms. Griggs if Ms. Griggs gives me permission.

I contacted Cooks Source five times: by voicemail October 28th, by email October 28th, by email again October 28th, by email November 2nd and by voicemail November 2nd. I believe that was giving Ms. Griggs a chance.

Not once did Cooks Source offer to pay me in any of those email exchanges -- or donate to CSJ. The apology Cooks Source gave me in an email was "If you want an apology, So Sorry, Monica!" -- I took that as sarcasm. As for my emails being rude -- I was demanding that "this" be fixed. I had one line of my own email that was borderline - "I am somewhat confused that I have to explain copyright to a magazine editor."

I do not think of myself as a big meanie in all of this -- I think of myself as a woman as mad as hell for having her work stolen and then being talked down to like I was a child. As I said, again, it was the principle of the thing -- my work was republished without my permission, my copyright was violated and I stuck up for myself.

Lessons learned:

Pay the writer.
Be nice to people.
Be mighty.

AND on this, I hope, really really really, -- I'm out.
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You could have let this one go, but you stuck by what is right and made a more than reasonable penance.

Griggs handling of this incident needs to required case study in public relations courses. Whenever faced with a choice, Griggs seemed to either make the wrong one or take half a step forward and 3 steps back.

I'd like to add one item to your lessons learned:
Think before you respond.

Had Griggs paused for just a moment before responding to you or any others, she might not have dug herself in such a deep hole. Kneejerk reactions are never good ones. Looking at screen snapshots of the Cooks Source Facebook page, she even unfriended anyone who questioned her or her methods. What is this, middle school?
"Penance"? What does Monica need to make any penance for? She didn't do anything wrong.
for Ms. Griggs. don't steal...people will notice. maybe she missed her "do the right thing" lessons in early childhood? you know, when we develop a conscience?
Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals--ONLY place I've "Learned": Shrimp salad is great for summer/beach picnics "CUZ" it has NO MAYO, hence no need to worry about food poisoning!!!
You did the right thing, Monica. I have been a long time reader of godecookery. I stumbled on it while researching what the characters in my novels were probably eating. It has never let me down.
Let's say for the sake of argument, that the small towns, farms, purveyers, etc, of the region really can use some publicity and cultural presentation. Well if this is the case, then surely Cooks Source was not doing the job.

I say, let some folks who live in the area, who actually know aomething about something, take the thankless burden of poor Griggsie's shoulders and let her limp away to heal her foot bullet wounds.

Let some group create a new entity, call it Downhome New England, or some such. Base it around a website and fill it with volunteer content. Advertising fees would go to pay the hosting account and if there's any extra it can be donated to charity. People can send in their own photographs and articles.

Get writeups on local fairs, pictures of prizewinning veggies and flowers, and tricks on landing a tricky trout. Local cooks csn submit recipes, in their own words, and ordinary people can write about family favorites.

And don't limit it to food related subjects. What else is notable about New England. Hand made furniture? Folkdance? Living history pageants? Obviously that's something the locals will have to decide.

And instead of driving 100, 500, or 900 miles, until you're so blotto that you accidently steal another dozen articles, just produce a monthly printable digest. This would be sent to the various merchant associations, chambers of commerce, and tourism offices to print copies of at their own expense to give away.

So the region won't suffer for lack of Griggs's heroic journeys, uphill both ways, and she will be free to find another job more in line with her qualifications.


December 2 2010, 00:50:23 UTC 9 years ago

People who steal from others and are caught often try to make it look like they are the victim and the person they stole from is heartless and evil.

I don't know you personally, but I'm sorry this has happened to you, I know how all this must be draining your energy! You did the right thing and maybe some people who don't know much about copyrights will read about all this and will learn a few things.

People are still talking about you! Fabulous... You are still keeping every editor out there on their toes and looking over their shoulders.......about time!

The only way to take down a bully is to get rid of the's a great strategy because they can only survive if people continue to be intimidated by them.......and when they will not be pushed....well, it's not often pretty!

I agree that Judith Griggs is a bully and probably a narcissist too.....if she had acted like a professional and offered a few "mea maxima culpas" the whole thing would have gone away much more quickly. She's committed professional suicide and by trying to give the world excuses....."I traveled 900 miles that week (who cares? are being paid you know!)was pathetic!

It amazes me that people are still not more cautious about leaving paper trails.....emails, texts and of course voice mails.....someone is always out there looking to take a person down who has been living on borrowed out everyone.....this has changed the playing field for good!

Best of luck, Monica and wishing you continued success!! Enjoy your more than 15 minutes of fame!!
Really? Still talking about me? Whee! I keep hoping this will die down soon.

Thank you for your kind words! I am very glad it is over and I am also very glad that I had a positive change for others. :)
The latest edition of Cooks Source ( includes liberal copy/paste from:

Stuffed Mozzarella & Chili Paste Hamburgers (p.26)

and far too many more to list them all.
This is the old July 2010 issue - on the "fan" page.

Nothin new. ;)
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