Knitting, Doctors Without Borders, and an offer you can't refuse.

Yarn Harlot has put out the call to knitters -- and you know, like I was saying a while ago, I need to do more with my life. So, I'm going to answer this one.

We knitters are trying for raise over $120,000 to Doctors Without Borders. This is a great cause. They send doctors to Darfur, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens of others. They fight Malaria and AIDS. They send immediate humanitarian and medical aid to people that need it.

Yarn Harlot made this group a few years ago, Knitters Without Borders. Last year, they (as in knitters) raised over $120,000 for Doctors Without Borders. She's asking us knitters to help out yet again. So, I am.

So, here's the offer you can't refuse:

Anyone on my friendslist who donates money to Doctors Without Borders will receive a knitted gift from me. It may be a pair of socks, or a pair of mittens or a set of wash clothes. It may be a knitted bikini or knitted hand warmers. :) It might be a knitted toy. It might even be a knitted bathpuff or tea cozy!!! (It won't be a sweater. I'm not up to that yet. Maybe next year. :) You don't get to pick what I send you however (that's up to me and my crazyartistic ideas!) and it may take me several months to knit something for you -- but you will receive a knitted gift from me if you donate.

You can donate any amount of money and I will make you something. (Tho, if you donate a penny, I may smack you.) However, I would urge you to donate as much as you can.

Here's what to do:
First, go here and read what Yarn Harlot has to say. Then, go donate money at Doctors without Borders. Americans can can donate here. Email Yarn Harlot at stephanieATyarnharlotDOTca (again, instructions on her webpage) and let her know how much you donated (in either American or Canadian Dollars) .

Then come back here and tell me you donated. :) Leaving me a couple of sizes (say shoe, mitten, or hat sizes) would be helpful but is not a guarantee you'll get socks or mittens. :) Some lucky(??) person is going to get knitted dog collar and leash! I do promise that if you absolutely hate what I've made you then I will make you something else. Girl Scout's Honor.

Thank you and please give generously if you can!!
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Christmas Mittens!

It's a Christmas miracle!! I finished a mitten last night. YAY. And there was much rejoicing. I must admit that I shall be SO GLAD when the Christmas/Twelfth Night knitting and crafting will be done so that I can get back to other knitting -- mainly baby clothes! At least four women I know are pregnant and I'd like to make them all something for the wee one.

However, more importantly, one mitten is DONE. I think I will be able to get the second mitten done in time for Christmas too -- doing a mitten in stockinette is SOOOO much faster than doing it in seed stitch and with a cable. *whistles innocently*

YEAH, you'd think I'd know that by now. :)

Even if I don't get the second mitten done in time (tho, I am pretty sure I will at this rate), I can at least wrap up the one mitten and tell him to try it on and see if it fits.
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Stupid fracking mittens

Okay, so, I've ripped these stupid things out about 20 times and I've finally (FINALLY) gotten to where the thumb should start so, I pulled back and looked at the knitting -- I mean really looked at it.

And -- *sigh* -- *HUGE SIGH* -- it doesn't look right.

Oh, it looks OK, really but it doesn't look fabulous. I'm using the mitten pattern from Vogue Knitting Accessorize and the pattern is darling -- seed stitch mittens with a cute but simple 10 stitch cable pattern. In the book, they look fantastic. In the book; however, they're using a lovely camel colored wool yarn.

The yarn I am using is black. BLAAACK. Color-sucking, pattern-obscuring black. You can barely see the cable at all, let alone the seed stitch pattern.


I am knitting them in black because that's the color my brother wanted and specifically requested. I have swatched and re-swatched and fidgetted this pattern about a million times and it's two weeks till Christmas and I am going to have to START ALL OVER YET AGAIN.

I don't have to, not really, I could continue knitting them as they are; however, what's the point? If the niftyness of the pattern (and it's fiddly and takes forever (hello seed stitch AND a cable!!) why do it? Why not start over and just do a stockinette mitten that I can be done with in a few days?

Or, I could just go and buy him a Best Buy card.

Stupid fracking mittens.
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Knitting and prayer

Life's kind of crazy right now so knitting has become a refuge for me -- but also a stressor. My brother's asked for a pair of mittens for Christmas and because his hands are so huge, I'm having to create a pattern on my own. And of course, I can't knit JUST a plain mitten. I have to throw in a cable and knit it in moss stitch. Yes, overambition is my middle name, thanks. I can do this -- but it involves math and lots of swatching and a good amount of prayer. And frogging. Rippit! Rippet!

But, on occasion, I knit myself a row or two of my new sock. SOOOCK!!

Why yes, I went outside in 30 degree weather to take these shots. And yes, I need a pedicure badly. :)

But still -- SOOOCK!!! :)
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More on socks. :)

This is what I've been working on this week:

I love the colors. I also love taking pictures in natural light. They turn out so much better, IMHO, of course. :)

I love this sock. I've been vaguely worried that it's going to be too small for me; however, I've been trying it on obsessively and it seems to fit just fine. Because of the interesting colors and how nicely they look in stockinette, I decided not to do an interesting pattern (tho, maybe I should have tried Jaywalkers with these.) Instead, I decided to put in a cable to spice it up a little. :) It's just your basic c6f cable but I think it looks groovy. However, it has taught me that I need a smaller cable needle or learn how to cable without needles -- as it's a bit of a pain to cable such small sock yarn with the tools I have now.

In other news, I am working on a pair of mittens for my brother. I was going to do some alpaca but the lady at the knitting store let me know that it wouldn't hold up as well as wool (or at least, the yarn she had in the shop) so Galway Yarn it is. I'm also think I'll be doing my sister's wrap in Galway. This is huge. I've been really stressing over what kind of yarn to use with my sister's wrap. The pattern calls for an alpaca yarn that's no longer made and trying to find a substitute alpaca with the same gauge that won't break my bank has been causing me to pull out my hair. Changing to wool, as jillzz suggested gives me a lot more options.

Lastly, I finally tried the two circular needle method for making the mittens (as I don't have size 7 dpns) and I discovered I really dislike it. First, my yarn keeps catching on the needle/cable join and second, you spend so much time switching your needles back and forth. Blargh. I think I shall stick to using dpns as they make me the happy.

More yarn foo later, I'm sure. :)
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These are soon to be my mother's socks. I like 'em.

They don't stay up terribly great; however, my mom's feet are a bit smaller than mine so I think they'll work better for her.


Okay, now it's time to start another pair! MUAHAHAHA. :)


Okay, aluminum DPNS for me from now on. It is totally uncool for my new (as in I've knitted only 3 socks total (that's 3 socks, not 3 pairs)) bamboo dpns to start getting splinters already!!!!

AHHH. I've got to get this other sock done for my mom's birthday this week!

I've got the fine sandpaper nearby. But still. ARGH.

Mom's sock!

One sock down! One to go!!!

MAN, this one was a bit of a pain. I had to redo the heel and redo the toe AND I discovered that I had dropped a stitch in the middle of the foot when I was almost done with the toe. Woops!!

I think I lost three days to mistakes. Let's hope this one goes a little quicker. :)
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I am finally done with both socks! YAY!! (Tho, in reality, it did not take me that much time. About a week per sock. Not too bad...)

I loved knitting these socks. A couple of things I'd change:

1) Shorter heel flap. I think they gap too much at the ankles and that may be the culprite.
2) More ribbing on the cuff.
3) Figure out why one gusset had to be longer than the other one.

However, with all the "mistakes", they're still pretty damn cool socks. :)
And now, time to go cast on yet another pair!! MUAHAHAHA. :)
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