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Illadore's House o Crack


Mitten Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 03:06 pm

Okay, this shot MAY be slightly over the top. :)

One down, one to go. :)
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Knitting, Doctors Without Borders, and an offer you can't refuse. Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 11:27 am
Yarn Harlot has put out the call to knitters -- and you know, like I was saying a while ago, I need to do more with my life. So, I'm going to answer this one.

We knitters are trying for raise over $120,000 to Doctors Without Borders. This is a great cause. They send doctors to Darfur, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens of others. They fight Malaria and AIDS. They send immediate humanitarian and medical aid to people that need it.

Yarn Harlot made this group a few years ago, Knitters Without Borders. Last year, they (as in knitters) raised over $120,000 for Doctors Without Borders. She's asking us knitters to help out yet again. So, I am.

So, here's the offer you can't refuse:

Anyone on my friendslist who donates money to Doctors Without Borders will receive a knitted gift from me. It may be a pair of socks, or a pair of mittens or a set of wash clothes. It may be a knitted bikini or knitted hand warmers. :) It might be a knitted toy. It might even be a knitted bathpuff or tea cozy!!! (It won't be a sweater. I'm not up to that yet. Maybe next year. :) You don't get to pick what I send you however (that's up to me and my crazyartistic ideas!) and it may take me several months to knit something for you -- but you will receive a knitted gift from me if you donate.

You can donate any amount of money and I will make you something. (Tho, if you donate a penny, I may smack you.) However, I would urge you to donate as much as you can.

Here's what to do:
First, go here and read what Yarn Harlot has to say. Then, go donate money at Doctors without Borders. Americans can can donate here. Email Yarn Harlot at stephanieATyarnharlotDOTca (again, instructions on her webpage) and let her know how much you donated (in either American or Canadian Dollars) .

Then come back here and tell me you donated. :) Leaving me a couple of sizes (say shoe, mitten, or hat sizes) would be helpful but is not a guarantee you'll get socks or mittens. :) Some lucky(??) person is going to get knitted dog collar and leash! I do promise that if you absolutely hate what I've made you then I will make you something else. Girl Scout's Honor.

Thank you and please give generously if you can!!
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Christmas Mittens! Dec. 15th, 2006 @ 09:33 am
It's a Christmas miracle!! I finished a mitten last night. YAY. And there was much rejoicing. I must admit that I shall be SO GLAD when the Christmas/Twelfth Night knitting and crafting will be done so that I can get back to other knitting -- mainly baby clothes! At least four women I know are pregnant and I'd like to make them all something for the wee one.

However, more importantly, one mitten is DONE. I think I will be able to get the second mitten done in time for Christmas too -- doing a mitten in stockinette is SOOOO much faster than doing it in seed stitch and with a cable. *whistles innocently*

YEAH, you'd think I'd know that by now. :)

Even if I don't get the second mitten done in time (tho, I am pretty sure I will at this rate), I can at least wrap up the one mitten and tell him to try it on and see if it fits.
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Stupid fracking mittens Dec. 11th, 2006 @ 09:26 am
Okay, so, I've ripped these stupid things out about 20 times and I've finally (FINALLY) gotten to where the thumb should start so, I pulled back and looked at the knitting -- I mean really looked at it.

And -- *sigh* -- *HUGE SIGH* -- it doesn't look right.

Oh, it looks OK, really but it doesn't look fabulous. I'm using the mitten pattern from Vogue Knitting Accessorize and the pattern is darling -- seed stitch mittens with a cute but simple 10 stitch cable pattern. In the book, they look fantastic. In the book; however, they're using a lovely camel colored wool yarn.

The yarn I am using is black. BLAAACK. Color-sucking, pattern-obscuring black. You can barely see the cable at all, let alone the seed stitch pattern.


I am knitting them in black because that's the color my brother wanted and specifically requested. I have swatched and re-swatched and fidgetted this pattern about a million times and it's two weeks till Christmas and I am going to have to START ALL OVER YET AGAIN.

I don't have to, not really, I could continue knitting them as they are; however, what's the point? If the niftyness of the pattern (and it's fiddly and takes forever (hello seed stitch AND a cable!!) why do it? Why not start over and just do a stockinette mitten that I can be done with in a few days?

Or, I could just go and buy him a Best Buy card.

Stupid fracking mittens.
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Knitting and prayer Dec. 6th, 2006 @ 08:23 am
Life's kind of crazy right now so knitting has become a refuge for me -- but also a stressor. My brother's asked for a pair of mittens for Christmas and because his hands are so huge, I'm having to create a pattern on my own. And of course, I can't knit JUST a plain mitten. I have to throw in a cable and knit it in moss stitch. Yes, overambition is my middle name, thanks. I can do this -- but it involves math and lots of swatching and a good amount of prayer. And frogging. Rippit! Rippet!

But, on occasion, I knit myself a row or two of my new sock. SOOOCK!!

Why yes, I went outside in 30 degree weather to take these shots. And yes, I need a pedicure badly. :)

But still -- SOOOCK!!! :)
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More on socks. :) Nov. 25th, 2006 @ 11:26 am
This is what I've been working on this week:

I love the colors. I also love taking pictures in natural light. They turn out so much better, IMHO, of course. :)

I love this sock. I've been vaguely worried that it's going to be too small for me; however, I've been trying it on obsessively and it seems to fit just fine. Because of the interesting colors and how nicely they look in stockinette, I decided not to do an interesting pattern (tho, maybe I should have tried Jaywalkers with these.) Instead, I decided to put in a cable to spice it up a little. :) It's just your basic c6f cable but I think it looks groovy. However, it has taught me that I need a smaller cable needle or learn how to cable without needles -- as it's a bit of a pain to cable such small sock yarn with the tools I have now.

In other news, I am working on a pair of mittens for my brother. I was going to do some alpaca but the lady at the knitting store let me know that it wouldn't hold up as well as wool (or at least, the yarn she had in the shop) so Galway Yarn it is. I'm also think I'll be doing my sister's wrap in Galway. This is huge. I've been really stressing over what kind of yarn to use with my sister's wrap. The pattern calls for an alpaca yarn that's no longer made and trying to find a substitute alpaca with the same gauge that won't break my bank has been causing me to pull out my hair. Changing to wool, as jillzz suggested gives me a lot more options.

Lastly, I finally tried the two circular needle method for making the mittens (as I don't have size 7 dpns) and I discovered I really dislike it. First, my yarn keeps catching on the needle/cable join and second, you spend so much time switching your needles back and forth. Blargh. I think I shall stick to using dpns as they make me the happy.

More yarn foo later, I'm sure. :)
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Soooocks!! Nov. 20th, 2006 @ 10:47 pm


These are soon to be my mother's socks. I like 'em.

They don't stay up terribly great; however, my mom's feet are a bit smaller than mine so I think they'll work better for her.


Okay, now it's time to start another pair! MUAHAHAHA. :)

GRRRR Nov. 17th, 2006 @ 10:46 pm
Okay, aluminum DPNS for me from now on. It is totally uncool for my new (as in I've knitted only 3 socks total (that's 3 socks, not 3 pairs)) bamboo dpns to start getting splinters already!!!!

AHHH. I've got to get this other sock done for my mom's birthday this week!

I've got the fine sandpaper nearby. But still. ARGH.

Mom's sock! Nov. 16th, 2006 @ 10:13 pm
One sock down! One to go!!!

MAN, this one was a bit of a pain. I had to redo the heel and redo the toe AND I discovered that I had dropped a stitch in the middle of the foot when I was almost done with the toe. Woops!!

I think I lost three days to mistakes. Let's hope this one goes a little quicker. :)
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Socks!!! Nov. 6th, 2006 @ 07:43 am
I am finally done with both socks! YAY!! (Tho, in reality, it did not take me that much time. About a week per sock. Not too bad...)

I loved knitting these socks. A couple of things I'd change:

1) Shorter heel flap. I think they gap too much at the ankles and that may be the culprite.
2) More ribbing on the cuff.
3) Figure out why one gusset had to be longer than the other one.

However, with all the "mistakes", they're still pretty damn cool socks. :)
And now, time to go cast on yet another pair!! MUAHAHAHA. :)
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The Knitting Addiction Quiz Oct. 30th, 2006 @ 12:44 pm

You scored 53%. You aren't addicted. Nope. Although the fact you found and took this test is a sign you have potential to become addicted. Why don't you head to your LYS and fondle yarn. That will help you progress to higher levels of addiction.

Obviously, I need more sock yarn. :)
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Other entries
» An honest too goodness sock!
Woo hoo! My very first sock!!!

Aww. Isn't she cute?

So, I got one pair of Fuzzy Feet (which is one of the best things I've ever knitted, especially in time for this cold snap we're having) and one sock done for Socktoberfest! Whoohoo!! I am, of course, casting on the second sock tonight. :)

The great news is that I only used one ball of sock yarn! It's Lang Yarns Jawoll Jacquard Superwash, on size 1 needles (Yes, that's right SIZE 1!! I KNOW!!! SOOO tiny!!)

Things I should have done differently:

More ribbing around the top.
Shaped the ankles.
Picked up the gusset stitches tighter or twisted them.

Still, not bad for a first try. :)
» FELT!!

WOOT! Fuzzy feet!! SCORE!!

Ah, felting covers a multitude of sins. :) The second sock was somewhat lumpy and I decreases it kinda improperly. However, some hot water, soap, and agitation and tada, perfect slippers.

Seriously, felting is massively cool and was a heck of a lot of fun. I foresee a huge amount of felting projects in my future.
» More fuzzy feet! :)
I didn't make it to Johnstown tonight (storms were bad and my mom asked me not to go) so I knitted instead.

So, look -- a GIANT SOCK!!!

Okay, one down, one to go. :)
» More socks!
Okay, here's an update on sockey-goodness! :)

The stitches are pretty darn loose, I must admit. Especially around where I'm making the gusset by picking up stitches. However, I'm gonna felt it and felting covers many sins. Much like blocking, only more so. :)
» Socktoberfest!

Proof that I have started my "sock"!

I started this project because it's Soctoberfest!!

It's actually Fuzzy Feet from Knitty in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, color Blue Bonnet. This will be both my first foray into sock (or sock-ish) knitting as well as felting. Wish me luck!
» It never fails.
It never fails -- give me a free day and I start to do crafty things. :)

Here's a picture of the baby sweater I am working on. :) I'm using Knitty's Trellis which is just so cute. I hope mine turns out as nice. I'm using the suggest yarn, Rowan's All Season Cotton, in a off-white color. The Mom-To-Be prefers green but I couldn't find a green that I liked.

Up next, did some finishing work on my beaded escarbuncle:

Not too shabby. I want to use better looking beads and a somewhat more intricate pattern for next time. But, it's fine for using on the field. :)
» Socktoberfest!

Totally blame jillzz for this one. Bad Jill, Bad!!

Okay, I shall make socks. :) I'm thinking of making Knitty's Fuzzy Feet as my starter socks. Or maybe getting out the Size 2 DPNs (ahhhh!! SO SMALL) and digging out those skeins of sock yarn I bought last year. :)

You can also blame Lime and Violet for this one too. :) And Saint Brenda. And esmerel too. She's the original enabler. :)
» (No Subject)
Whee! I just signed up for Secret Pals 9!

This is where you send someone all sorts of cool knitting or crocheting stuff and someone else sends you something in return. :)

I've been wanting to do this since esmerel started posting about her Secret Pal a few months ago.

In more crafty news, I've been working on Trellis for a good bit and this cabling thing is starting to make sense now! Go me! Once again, esmerel is right and I am a wuss. :) I am pretty pleased with how it's going and I'll making pretty good time on the thing. Baby sweater here I come. Of course, I'm only half way through making the back of the sweater. I am sure I will be cursing up a storm as soon as I get to the sleeves and neck holes.

Here's the list of things in the queue.

  • Wrap for my sister. Marca wants a wrap rather than a poncho now. I have NO IDEA what to make for her -- except that I saw this awesome wrap in the LYS that was made out of this lovely bright multi-colored, mostly red mohair and very lacey -- which is totally NOT what she wants. :) Ah damnit. The hardest part about knitting is knitting what people want, rather than what you want to make.
  • Clapotis. Also want to make this -- but would I actually wear this? :)
  • Short Row Rib. I've got the yarn for this -- going to make it for Liam.
  • Another Momouth Cap. Going to make this one for Vidar.
  • Rose's Mittens. OMG I so want to make these. Need purple yarn. I also need a lovely jean jacket to go with this. Is it sad that I am planning an entire outfit around something I haven't even knit yet?
  • Socks! This is entirely because I've been listening to Lime n Violet and they constantly talk about socks and sock yarn. MUST learn to knit socks! :)
  • Chicken Viking Hat for heike because I can.
  • Kitty Hat for bdcooper because I can.
  • Pirate Hat because I can!

    Okay, pictures of Trellis will be coming soon, I swear. :)
  • » FOs!
    FOs -- aka finished objects!

    Here's the embroidered escarbuncle badge:

    Not the best picture but it's done! :)

    And now, here's the knitted scarf for Quinn. I loved the yarn. I love handspun! I love lanolin!! Once again, proof that yummy yarn makes a yummy scarf.

    Now an UFO: a beaded escarbuncle:

    It's kinda lumpy and not very straight but I like it. Or at least, it's a good first start. :)
    » Mathoms and things I am working on.
    Tomorrow, I shall take pictures. Right now, I shall babble on about projects!

    First up, I've been working on beading an escarbuncle for a scarf. I must admit that I am now falling in love with beading, entirely due to this website: Medieval Beads. Beads are pretty!!

    Which leads me to my next discussion: knitting with beads. Am I insane or should I try making Tendrils for my sister? She's changed her mind about wanting a poncho and now wants a wrap. I'm tempted to do this or maybe claptois. This will end up being the biggest project I've ever done, mind you. :) On that note, if anyone has any suggestions for a decent wrap project that I haven't thought off, suggestions are appreciated. I do not, by any means of the imagination, want this to be a mathom.

    I just finished a k2p2 ribbed scarf for Quinn. He gave me his white scarf so I thought I should return the favor. It's out of this beautiful white hand-spun merino thick/thin yarn so it's bumpy and yet so so soft. I really like it and I hope he does as well. I'm wondering if I should put fringe on the end or not. Do guys like fringe or hate it?

    Also on the needles is Trellis for a friend of mine who is having a baby in a few months. :) It's adorable and cute -- and I need to make a swatch so I can make sure I am doing the cables right.

    That's all for now. :)
    » Almost done!
    So, I learned how to make fingerloop braid today. VERY easy. Lots of fun. And for 29 cents for embroidery floss, you can't beat that.

    Not too shabby for a first try. :)
    » Embroidery!
    So, I've decided to give a bit of embroidery a whirl.

    Somewhat lumpy but hey, not bad for a first try!

    It's white linen embroidery thread on red linen. I need to make it into a round badge and I need to give it a gold border somehow. Any suggestions, oh Craft Goddesses and Gods? :)
    » The Three Faces of Illadore
    I posted my Pennsic pictures last night. They're Aethelmearc-centric, heavy on fencing and there's lots of pictures of me fighting.

    So, on that note, I thought I'd show off some of my new armor:

    The Three Faces of Illadore

    Here's me as a 15th Century Fighter-type. I'm wearing an angel-wing tunic with a somewhat stylistic enterpetation of my arms: "Azure, a unicorn rampant argent within a bordure argent semy-de-lys sable." The fleur-de-lys are white because they show up better on blue fabric.

    Here is me in my Japanese armor. I love my Japanese helmet. Love it. (It has horns!! WOOT!(Not shown tho, dangit.)) The rest of my armor needs a lot of work! :) I've lost weight since we did the pattern for the armor so it's going to need to be resized.

    Elizabethan rapier armor. Oh, how I love this outfit. :) Lady Brinn (Quinn's wife) made this for me. It's straight out of the Tudor Tailor and done in trigger (to make it punch proof.) I may be hitting her up for another waistcoat, this time in linen so I can embroider it. I love the ruff as well.

    More details on pics to come later. :)
    » (No Subject)
    I haven't done this in a while. ;)


    White basketweave knit scarf Made from handspun yarn
    Coronet. Blue naturespun! My first cable project!
    Kiri shawl for my mom. My first lace project! -- This one did not happen ...yet.
    Moonlight Mohair Scarf, Gold. Your basic drop stitch but it looks so lovely and elegant.
    Slythern scarf Green and Grey Naturespun, size 6 needles. Took forever and a day. ;)
    Coronet, again. Fisherman's Yarn, white. I made this one for Mom for Mother's Day.
    Manly Slip-Stitch Hat. And here, we begin my hat fabulous period. Red, White, and Blue Lamb's Pride Bulky.
    Bobble-Edged Hat And here begins my LOVE of Knitpicks. I love this yarn company, oh yes, yes I do. Cranberry colored.
    Three (yes Three) Monmouth Caps Knitted for Quinn's cadets. Green for Katy, Blue for Emily and Red for Miguel. :)
    Cashmere Top-Down Hat I wonder why I paid so much for this yarn. It's cute, sorta. Looks weird on but it's pretty soft.
    Jayne Hat! I love this thing. :) I've been recruited to make more too.
    Ball-band Warsh Cloth Yes, I too have fallen for Mason-Dixon Knitting and knitted up myself a hot pink-yellow-orange warshcloth. It's fabulous. :)

    On the Needles: This is the MOST I've ever had on the needles at one time. None, of course, are a sweater.
    Lisle Scarf Lace. LAAAAAAACE! I love lace. It's so pretty! Even though its all bunch and stupid looking, I can see just how fabulous this is going to be. (Mostly because I keep streeeeeeetching it out to see what the pattern looks like.) My only "eh" is that I'm knitting it out of Fisherman's Yarn. I kind of wish I had splurged and used something with silk.
    Another BB Warsh cloth Again, in hot-pink-yellow-orange. :) I gave the last one away and I wanted a crazy wash cloth for Pennsic. :)
    Mistake-Rib Scarf I'm kinda -- eh -- about this one, I must admit. I don't particularly like the ribbing so I may redo it. However, the receipient has made me promise I won't frog it until he sees it first.
    Monmouth Cap Yet another Monmouth Cap. This time, tho, I'm using black Cestari 2-ply wool yarn and can we say Lanolin, boys and girls? I thought we could. MMM, lanolin. :)
    Knitty's Aibhlinn Red Cestari. MAN. Argh. 24 bobbles!! What was I thinking?!?! Well, other than it looked like a totally spiff pattern and I totally wanted it.

    Thinking About
    Claptois I want some truly fablous yarn for this one. Haven't figured out just what that would be, mind you, but, eventually, it shall be mind. Maybe Noro Silk Garden. I saw some lovely shades of that.
    BathmatBecause that thing is calling to me. I desperately need more yarn tho. :)
    Rose's fingerless mittens Mmmm. Doctor Who and Knitting. Two of my favorite obsessions. I posted to knitting about these, she wore them in the very last Season 2 episode of Doctor Who. I may have to turn into a designer to get them tho. I think I can do it tho.
    Scribble Lace I want to knit my sister something and the scribble lace shawl/scarf thing seems just like the right trick. I need yarn ideas tho.
    » (No Subject)
    I got the newest Complete Anachronist "Creating a Reticella Rosette" and now I have this insane urge to make lace.

    Someone shoot me. I don't need to make lace. No no no! I do not need to become one of those lace-making crack monkeys. I don't even have an outfit I could put the lace on!

    And yet...oooh. Handmade lace. :)

    In other news, I got the "Mason-Dixon Knitting" book and its fantastic. I am now knitting myself a bathmat. Yes, a bathmat. The only reason why I am knitting myself a bathmat is because I desperately wanted to make it after seeing the pattern (it's log-cabin! it's cute! It's size 17 needles! It'll be done in a few days!) and I couldn't figure out how to "gift" a bathmat to someone without people looking at me like I was a nutball.

    I also must figure out what my Pennsic knitting projects are going to be.

    Do I:

    (a) Knit myself a Monmouth cap out of linen yarn? (I'm not sure linen yarn would be appropriate for this kind of hat or not.)
    (b) Knit myself a Monmouth cap out of wool? (Which I know is appropriate but I wanna do *something* with the linen)
    (c) Harrass Jenn into finding the yarn I bought her and make her the Mrs. Beeton's finally?
    (d) Knit a scarf cause that's easy.

    Ah, decisions, decisions.
    » The Jayne Family Album!

    Why yes, I knitted a Jayne Hat!! :)

    The Jayne Family Album!Collapse )

    » More hatty goodness
    The Cashmere Hat.

    This is the hat that I made from Classic Elite's Obsession, made from 8 strands of cashmere yarn. Oooh so soft. I could only afford (and not really, it was a total impulse buy) one ball of this yarn when I was in D.C., I hade to make sure that I had enough yarn. So, I knit it top down, using the Top Down Hat Calculator. The calculator wasn't perfect (some of the math was a bit off that I had to fix) but it turned out pretty good:

    It was pretty much zombie knitting and it's not a terribly interesting hat -- but it fits and it's oh so soft.

    And now, the stupid picture of the day:

    Look into my eyes!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA.

    Man, I take some stupid pictures sometimes. :)
    » Call me crazy.
    Okay, so, I suddenly have an urge to knit myself a sweater. :)

    Unfortunately, it's not some easy sweater that I want to knit, oh no. I want to jump off the deep end and knit myself Rogue by "A Girl From Auntie." It's a fabulously fabulous cable sweater -- that requires one to be an experienced knitter with advanced cables.

    This sucker is probably beyond me but I want to do it. :) I am also wondering whether or not I could knit it using KnitPick's Wool of the Andres. The cost of the sweater would be something like $27.00 using Wool of the Andes. In a lovely color like "Hyacinth" or "Winter Night."

    I'm insane. I know it.
    » More pictures of the Bobble-Edged Hat
    I decided I hated the last set of pictures so here's new ones:

    I am not 100 percent sure I think this hat works for me but it was (mostly) fun to knit. :)
    » Bobble-edged Hat
    I should have been done with this one a week earlier. However, it was not to be? Why? Because this hat was cursed. CURSED. I had to frog the last three rows on the textured rib part about a bazillion times! Cursed, I say!

    Pattern can be found here: http://yarndemon.typepad.com/demonic_progress/2005/12/bobbleedged_hat.html

    Yarn used: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, Hollyberry, two skeins.
    Needles: Size 8.
    Read more...Collapse )
    I loved knitting the bobbles. I think this is one of the girliest things I have ever knitted, especially since I plan on keeping this one myself. :)
    » Yet Another HAT!!
    I am Hat Fabulous lately! Here's another one that I made. This is straight out of "Just Hats" and is the "Manly Slip-Stitch Hat". I did it in Red, White, and Blue entirely because that was the color of leftover yarn I had in Lamb's Pride Bulky.

    It was pretty easy to knit up. Yet another hat in my repertoire for when I need to knit a quick gift!
    » Mother's Day Hat

    Once again, the fabulous esmerel is correct in that blocking hides a number of sins. :) Here's the hat (from Knitty's Coronet) I knitted for my mother for Mother's Day.

    Plus, I must admit that these are some of the first self-portrait pictures I've taken that I look pretty darn good in. Or at least, I don't look drunk.

    » Wanna go home and knit
    I am such a fickle knitter. I'm actively working on twothree projects and I just started a new one last night. :) I finally remembered, "Oh, Mother's Day is NEXT weekend!" and I decided to give Knitty's Coronet another whirl using Fisherman's Wool. I started it last night and I am this >< close to finishing up the band. As long as I don't mess up the join, I should have it done in time to give to my momma for Mother's Day.

    So, of course, it's a New Project(tm) and I am ALL EXCITED!!! I want to ditch work so I can go home and knit. That is the one joy about knitting hats, mittens and other accessories -- they're quick and you get the joy of New Projectness and the Feeling of Accomplishment in a very short amount of time.

    I wonder if "New Projectness" is the same thing as "New Relationship Energy." :)
    » Gold and brown dropstitch scarf
    This is your basic drop stitch scarf in Moonlight Mohair. I've done the same pattern before. Mostly, I just wanted to show off my lovely model :)

    » Coronet
    Cabling! Hat! Blue!!

    I haven't blocked this hat yet -- it'll be a bit smoother and have less of a lumpy crown once I am done. But I am very happy with this one as I did cabling! And it worked! Happiness!!

    I must admit that I did not do the kitchner stitch in the back terribly well; however, as esmerel has said, blocking covers many knitting sins.

    » The List.
    The ListCollapse )
    » I'm a Block Head
    So, I'm looking at these somewhat lumpy mittens that don't quite look right and wondering what the heck I should do with them. Because, really, they looked just awful and lumpy and weird and so, I'm finishing up the last mitten and reading knitting while I knit and suddenly, there's this post about blocking.

    And it dawns on me that I'm a block head.

    Yes, I'm a block head -- because I did not block my wool knitted garments. DURRR!!!

    I quickly gave myself a refresher on how to block by reading jessieknits's article on Blocking at knitty and made myself some DIY blocking forms. :) (Ie, Out weird stuff that was closeby.)

    I even made myself a hat blocking form out of a towel, some newspaper, and a lot of tape so I could block the burgundy hat that I made and was a bit tight on my head.

    Even wet, they look 100 percent better. :)

    *grin* *bounce*
    » One ugly mitten and some other FOs. :)
    I have spent the past day and a half knitting the ugliest mitten.

    It's not really that ba... okay, it is. It's pink, its lumpy and it looks funny. However, it did teach me abhot M1R and M1L and how to make a gusset. So, it wasn't all that bad. I am, tho, somewhat sadden by the idea that I have to make another one.

    I have, by the way, been doing a good deal of knitting lately. This makes me happy. I knit two more of those basketweave hats. One in pink for my sister-in-law and another one as a 12th Night Present.

    Here's the pink hat.

    I also finished my brother-in-law's scarf. It was a k3p3 rib scarf, in blue merino wool. Turned out great but I did not get a picture.

    Last, but not least, I finished the BBBB (that's Big Bad Baby Blanket.) I'll try to get another photo but this is the one I have so far:

    » One-Day Hat
    Why do my knitting pics always make me look so bad? :)

    I look drunk.

    This is my One-Day Hat. It helps that I started working on it at 3AM this morning tho. :)

    More under the jump!Collapse )
    » New Scarf
    This is another Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. It's made out of this blue, purple, violet and pink wool thick-thin bumpy yarn. :) I didn't think I was going to like it but now that I have it finished, I actually like it. And...It's MINE. MINEMINEMINE. First thing other than some garters I've made for myself. YAY!!

    The first picture gives a better idea of what the colors look like (at least on my monitor) But this gives you an idea of the pattern.

    Up next: finishing Jeremy's scarf. :) It's only a year late.
    » The List
    The ListCollapse )
    » Bikini!
    Last year at Pennsic, I was talking to Sirrah at the Pirate Party (ARRRGH!!) about knitting and knitting her a bikini top.

    So, of course, when do I start knitting the darn thing? A week before I go to Pennsic this time. :)

    Larger pictures under the cutCollapse )

    And it is, of course, AFTER I have given back the digital camera that I figure out that I've photographed the wrong side. Woops. It's really stockingknit!! REALLY!!!

    I'm using Knitty's Anna for a pattern and some lovely cotton yarn that I got cheap while I was in Cleveland. It's plain ol' Sugar-n-Cream cotton but I love the color. So bright and vibrant! Perfect for a bikini!

    It's also fun to learn new stitches. I've highly pleased with how the yo decreases are working out. Part of me loves working old patterns because the frustration level is a lot lower and another part of me loves learning new things. This one was pretty darn easy, especially for my first Non-Hat, Non-Scarf knitted item. ;) Maybe next up, sweaters! (Don't hold your breathe.)
    » Monmouth Cap

    My Monmouth Cap. More pictures under the jump.Collapse )
    » The Monmouth Cap, Part II
    First, the good news -- DPNs are still not the devil. So far, I've discovered that knitting with five DPNs is MUCH easier than knitting with four. I also definitely knit a lot tighter with DPNs than I do with straight needles.

    I am also going to have to redo the Monmouth cap. First off, I knitted the brim too wide. Secondly, I am not sure I have enough yarn because of that. Dangit. I had assumed that one skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky would have been enough but nope.

    I am enamored of this pattern. Enamored. :) I want to knit more of it. Well, I'm going to have to knit more of it if I want it to turn into anything since currently right now it's an UFO and I don't have enough yarh. I need more yarn. :)

    I am trying to figure out what would be best in the way of an Ice Dragon entry. Should I start documenting everything I do and what works and what doesn't? Should I use the yarn that I have, even though it's a wool/mohair blend OR should I try to get pure wool yarn? Muahahaha! Decisions, decisions! I'm now kinda getting excited about this. Yippie!!
    » Double Pointed Needles and I am insane.
    So, DPNs are not the devil. :)

    The hardest part of knitting the Monmouth cap so far has been the cast-on and joining the first round. I can now do two types of cast-on, the knitted cast-on and the double cast-on. I decided to try the knitted cast-on and no matter how many times I tried it, I couldn't get it to work, my stitches were too tight and I couldn't get the join to work and ended up with a hole in that spot. Finally, I decided to go with the Old Faithful Double Cast-On and it worked beautifully.

    I saw a blurb somewhere about how knittined with DPNs is sort of like knitting with a hedgehog and that made me laugh. It's definitely something I have to get used to doing. However, the Monmouth cap with size 10 needles and bulky wool yarn is a good way for me to learn and not get frustrated. I'm thinking of it as "stocking training."

    I've also started thinking more and more about "knitting medievally," i.e., thinking about this as a Ice Dragon project. :) I could do a "sheep to hat" project but I don't know how to spin. (However, there's some lovely classes being held at Pennsic....) I also have some undyed bulky wool yarn (in the correct gauge) that I could use as well, dye it, use period techniques to make the hat and then I could document the ying-yang out of it. :) Muahahaha.
    » Yarn
    What is it about new yarn that makes you want to just dive into it and start making something new?

    I love this yarn. It's darker (at least on my computer) than what the picture shows and it's gorgeous-gorgeous-gorgeous. I am going to knit a beautiful Big Bad Baby Blanket out of this and hope that I get it done in time. :) I am super-delighted with my new yarn.

    I also just got some Brown Lamb's Pride Bulky, in chocolate heather. Oooh, this is going to turn into a lovely hat. I'm going to try to knit an SCA project with this -- a Monmouth Cap. I am hoping to give it away as a gift. Cross your fingers. This will be my first knitted in the round project and the idea makes me all nervy.

    I am giddy! Yes, you read that right, I am GIDDY about my yarn and I want to take it home and play with it and hug it and squeeze it and call it George... er... well, maybe not that last bit. Okay, I lied. I'm calling my new yarn George after all. :)
    » Tourney Mind -- Updated
    I've updated my notes/outline of my Tourney Mind class and posted it to the Aethelmearc Cadet list. I figured I would update it here as well.

    Tourney Mind.Collapse )
    » More knitting!
    So, I've finished knitting my sister's Really Simple Poncho and all I have to say is A) Microspun sucks and B) Marca will be getting another present along with this one. :)

    I am not terribly please with how it turned out. The gauge is correct and it came out in the same measurements as the directions but still it doesn't quite look all that fabulous. I still have to finish the piece (seam up one side and add the fringe) so maybe it will turn out a bit better.

    On the other hand, I have nothing but nice things to say about Knit Picks Merino style. I am currently finishing up Jeremy's 2004 Christmas present (I knitted him a scarf that I hated and then I re-knitted it and hated it even more so now he's getting something completely different.) I'm knitting him a plain k3p3 rib scarf and it's turning out fabulous. FAAAAAAAAAAbulous!!! I've got enough yarn that I could possibly knit him a 75" scarf but that may be too long. :)

    In other knitting news, I am once again knitting myself some garters for my SCA boots. Even though there are no sumptuary laws in my Kingdom, I've gotten some cracks about having blue garters so I am knitting some black garters instead. (Screw you, hippies!)

    Lastly, I promised a friend of mine that I would knit her a bikini. :) I'm looking for a decent pattern and I'll probably get the yarn from Knit Picks again. I tried using Knitty Twins/Rachel pattern with some plain cotton yarn but it I was doing something wrong with the yarn overs and one side was not looking right. I may give it another try.
    » *dusts this thing off*
    So, after my big Christmas crunch, I decided everything I was going to knit from now on was going to be for me. Number of knitted objects that I've made for myself so far? Zero. :)

    I have been knitting, just small objects for friends of mine and with patterns I've previously used so I haven't felt the need to post new pictures.

    Alejandro got a Hot Head Hat -- I knitted it with some lovely brown handspun wool that I was given. Mmm, lanolin. I wanted him to have something to wear for the next time he visited the "frigid north." :)

    Meg's Moonlight Mohair Drop Stitch scarf is waiting for her. I have it in my bag and just need to send it off to her. I'm tempted to give it to her for "Christmas in July." :)

    Same goes for Trevor's Purple Seed Stitch scarf. That's also done but I haven't given it to him yet. My bad. I just need to hand it to him RSN.

    I also finished re-knitting Jeremy's drop stitch green forest scarf but I hate it. HATE IT. There's something about the yarn (which I paid an arm and a leg for) that just hates me. So, I decided to knit him another scarf. This time, a k3p3 ribbed scarf using Knit Picks Merino style in bright blue. I now love Knit Picks. :) Yummy yarn at a decent price and it's turning into a nice scarf. It's my current working project.

    Lastly, I made my mom a drop stitch scarf for Mother's Day out of purple Moonlight Mohair and she loved it. :) I think she'll be getting a hat and some mittens for her birthday. :) If I get REALLY inspired, maybe I'll give her an afghan for Christmas.

    Marca's asked for a poncho for her birthday, specifically the Martha poncho. I am not quite sure I like their knitted pattern for the Martha but I'm still looking. :)

    I'm still looking for some silk yarn so I can knit myself some Elizabethan stockings. Let me know if anyone finds anything. :) I think maybe I'll pick up some sock yarn and knit myself some regular socks first tho. :)

    I'm also still contemplating making myself a Coronet as soon as I get myself a stitch counter. :)

    So, not done knitting, not by a long shot.
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